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If you’ve read EOTW2: Friends From Sonora and the Secret Missions books, you’ll see why this event is an exciting and pertinent proposition.

The Secret Space Program Conference 2015 is in Bastrop, Texas. The dates are Oct 31-Nov 1. 
I speak on Saturday Oct 31 and my topic will cover related material from the following books: EOTW:FFS and Secret Missions 2: The Lost Expedition of Sir Richard Francis Burton, and other works as it relates to Breakaway Civilization theory. Joseph P. Farrell and Catherine Austin Fitts will also be speaking at this event.

10% discount with the following codes:

Coupon code for a two day ticket without meals.

Coupon code for a two day ticket with meals. (two lunches, two dinners with a drink)


2- chose ticket Full event or Full event withe meals
3- chose again Full event
4- chose the amount of tickets
5- fill in discount coupon code
6- add to cart

7- make payment

Go to the event site for further details…

SSP Conference 2015

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