OLAV PHILLIPS is conspiracy researcher, writer, author, and publisher, specialized in the Secret Space Program, Exotic Aircraft, High Technology, Foreign Policy, Pre-History and Mysterious Civilizations.

He is the author of The Secret Space Age published by Adventure Unlimited Press as well as being a regular contributor to Paranoia Magazine and Steamshovel Press. He has also written for Mysteries Magazine and served as Executive Producer and Principle Researcher for Ground Zero Radio with Clyde Lewis (Nationally Syndicated by Premiere Radio Networks).

Olav has also appeared on many popular radio shows as well as television presentations including: The Outer Edge, The Higher Side Chats, The Conspiracy Channel, Coast to Coast AM, America Unearthed, What on Earth, and Voyager (RAI Due), as well as being a long time contributor to Ground Zero Radio’s investigations including the famous Tracy, CA UFO Crash case featured on UFO Hunters.

Olav has also contributed to many of the television presentations you’ve seen on Area 51, UFO’s and conspiracies. Olav also publishes Steamshovel Press, Mysterious Magazine, and the legendary PARANIOA Magazine.

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“The Secret Space Program is nothing less then the most complex and important topic in the history of alternative research.”

Olav Phillips

Something Wicked This Way Comes:
The Secret Space Program’s OR its End Game

Presentation Synopsis

So who is really behind the Secret Space Program?

Is it E.T. trying to help humanity? The wealthy trying to flee a soon to be dead or dying planet?

We’ve all talked about the revelations and exposures, death bed confessions and prepared responses like pieces in a jigsaw they have all begun to line up.

So what is the END GAME? The truth will shock you….prepare.